How Can You Replace A 3 Hole Faucet With A Single?

Ways you can replace a 3 hole faucet with a single, it’s possible, but there will be two unwanted holes in your counter. The main concern is covering those extra holes. There are a good number of metals that can help in such installations.

Now the question is, what source can be a good option for it? Is it actually possible to replace a three hole faucet with a single one?

Perhaps, you are here to find the answers to these questions. Let’s not make any further delay and find out how you can replace your 3 hole faucet with a single.

Is It Possible To Use A 3 Hole Faucet With A Single?

Is It Possible To Use A 3 Hole Faucet With A Single

Don’t worry if your sink has a three hole faucet in it and you want to change the theme. There are still faucets available that can adapt with one or two holes.

In fact, the single lever faucets are designed in such a way that they can easily cover a sink with three holes, as their base wide is enough for that. Nonetheless, the holes should be either 4 inches apart or 4 inches closer.

In clear words, if your three-hole sink has outside holes 4 inches apart, that is going to be suitable for installing a single faucet. However, you will also be required to cover the holes and use a deck plate or any cover for it.

Will There Be Any Problem While Replacing A 3 Hole Faucet?

Well, replacing a 3 hole faucet with a single one won’t lead to any hassle. But yes, you will get two extra holes in the counter. Most people use one hole as a soap dispenser and keep the other capped.

There are a lot of hardware stores that sell covers for faucet holes. Don’t forget to get help from the store’s employees while covering for them. Another option is using a sprayer for one hole and using another hole as a soap dispenser. You will get to see some more options below.

Best 6 Ways, You Can Replace A 3 Hole Faucet With A Single

Replacing a 3 hole faucet is completely an easy task if you follow a simple guideline.

Apply Plumber’s Putty:

Apply Plumber's Putty

First, grab all the tools and supplies that you will need for the installation. Now, while beginning the process, apply some non-staining plumber’s putty on the grooves’ plate.

Align The Plates:

Next, you must align the plates over your sink’s holes and insert a force of assembly on the center hole. Make sure you are lining up the tabs from all sides. Then slide the bracket from underneath towards the stud and gently thread on the nut.

Use Your Preferable Tool:

Now, you can use your preferred tool to tighten up the nut. As a result, the faucet will hold in place and make sure the tabs are properly aligned.

Compress The Plate:

It’s time to compress the plate and wipe off all the excess non-staining plumber’s putty that you have applied before. Don’t forget to apply this putty under your spray holder as well.

Then insert that holder into the sink and tighten the nut from underneath. Here also, you will have to remove all the excess putty.

Connect The Hoses:

After you are done, connect the supply horses with the supply valves of water. Place a bucket below the faucet, making sure it is in an off position.

Now open the valves and flash water so that dirt and debris drain away. Let the valves open for about 1 minute.

Be sure that the flexible hose in the breast shank is connected to the right openings.

Insert The Hose:

Now, insert the spray hose into the holder and connect that horse with the diverter too. So we have connected everything, it’s time to check now if there are any leaks or not.

Hopefully, there won’t be any leaks if you follow the traits properly

What Are The Effective Sources To Replace A 3-Hole Faucet?

The first and foremost option that most sink users use for covering holes, is a deck plate. It is mostly like a metal plate which helps to cover two holes in a sink easily. And of course, the center hole will remain open here. Even if your faucet belongs to the bathroom or kitchen, a deck plate will work for both of them.

Another effective option is using a hole cover as said above. You will get it in the form of metal or plastic circles which are easy to screw into the holes of faucets.

If the above options don’t meet your requirements then you can change the stone or top. I think it would be a good alternative if the faucet belongs to the bathroom.

Those who are not on a tight budget for replacing their faucet holes can just get a new vanity. This option would be excessive if your only issue is with covering the extra holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Single-Handed Faucets Good?

Single-handed faucets are one of the most user-friendly alternatives you will get on the market. Besides, its installation is simple and requires only one drilling for one hole. It would be a good option for older people as turning this faucet is completely effortless.

What Do You Mean By Three Hole Faucet?

A three-hole sink means it allows for faucets that are two-handled. It requires no extra accessories. In the same way, a three-hole sink means it allows for the faucets with a single hole. It requires a sprayer though. Usually, the one-hole sink does not come with any deck plate. It works fine with single-handed faucets.


Hopefully, you got to acknowledge an orientation distinction about the faucets and holes in sinks. If you still have the question, like- can you replace a 3-hole faucet with a single, I would say yes. Just cover the extra holes, and your replacement will be done in a click.

The most common execution to cover the holes of faucets is, using a deck plate or hole cover. If it’s about replacing the faucet hole in your kitchen, adding a soap dispenser would be a reliable choice. On the other hand, you can change the stone or top if it’s for your bathroom.

Thanks for reading!

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