Do Hard Water Filter Shower Heads Really Work?

Do hard water filter shower heads really work? A shower filter has always been the game-changer when it comes to getting rid of lead, iron, heavy metals, etc from water.

There are more than 200 harsh chemicals present in the water of shower heads. Again, the buildup of bacteria and algae in water are additional problem for us.

Luckily, a hard water filter shower head can be effective in reducing the chemicals, minerals, build-ups, etc. from your shower head. Furthermore, it is beneficial as it improves the pH of water too.

Let us know more about why a shower head filter is a life saviour for us.

Do Hard Water Filter Shower Heads Really Work?

One of the easiest signs for us to know that we have hard water in our shower heads is dry skin and hair. The minerals and contaminants from shower water can irritate the skin and make hair more frizzy.

Just install a hard water filter shower head in your bathroom. You will see your skin and hair condition has improved a lot. It means a shower head filter really works. Let us know how.

About Shower Head Filter:

A shower head filter for hard water mainly focuses on removing the impurities from the shower head’s water. Contaminants like chlorine and bacteria often make the shower water hard which leads to skin problems.

A shower head filter will reduce the level of elements that make the shower water hard. Moreover, there is a filter cartridge that allows us to have different filtration layers.

Types Of Shower Head Filters:

According to installation methods, shower heads are available in two types. They are- filtered shower heads and In-line shower heads.

Filtered shower heads require a built-in filtration system. Whereas, the in-line shower filters are fixed between the water supply line and the shower head. It is comparably easy to install.

The in-line shower filter is also known as the portable shower filter. It is available in three forms. Chlorine filters, Chloramine filters, and Fluoride filters.

Shower Head Filters Controls Scale:

It is true that a shower head filter removes impurities and contaminants from water. But they are not proven to soften water. This is because shower filters are meant to control scale and reduce hard water minerals.

They are not meant to vanish the minerals completely. Those who are suffering from skin irritation and dryness in hair due to hard water, may not get 100% results by installing a shower head filter.

Varieties In Shower Heads:

When water is disinfected in a shower head, chlorine is added to it. Meanwhile, the traditional shower head filters are designed to remove that chlorine. But if a shower head owns multiple filtration stages, that can remove other impurities too. Like, iron, lead, heavy metals, and other chemicals.

Shower Head Filters Reduce Minerals:

As said before, a shower filter can’t remove contaminants completely. And who doesn’t love to have a water softener shower head? Well, to make the water pure completely, you will need a whole home water softener. Only this can exchange the minerals in the water into harmless sodium.

Filtration Methods In Shower Heads:

All hard water shower head filters are not the same. They come with different filtration methods. Such as Vitamin C filters, KDF-55, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and ceramic mineral balls.

The Vitamin C filter neutralizes chlorine, the KDF-55 reduces oxidation. It is also known as Kinetic degradation fluxion. On the other hand, activated carbon uses the absorption method to remove chemicals.

Like- pesticides, chlorine, herbicides, etc. Then the ion exchange resin exchanges copper and zinc with safe ions. Last but not least, ceramic mineral balls trap all the heavy metals in water.

Benefits Of Using A Hard Water Filter Shower Head

Now it is time to know how a hard filter shower head is good for us. Well, it is because they carry a lot of benefits.

Hair And Skin Gets Better:

The formation of chlorine, iron, and other heavy metals in water is the reason for skin irritation and dry hair. For instance, using hard water is one of the reasons for having eczema. Getting the contaminants removed by a shower filter can actually do good for your skin and hair.

You Will Get A Better Air Quality:

Due to the presence of chlorine in tap water, the air in the surroundings enhances its chloroform. And we know chloroform has never been convenient to breathe. So if a shower head filter can remove the chlorine, you can get rid of the chloroform from the air.

Signs That A Shower Head Filter Really Works

Since all of our readers are not very familiar with shower items, they may fail to opt for the right shower filter. Well, there is no doubt that a shower head filter works well. But that would be evident if you pick up the right shower head filter. Now, how to identify that? Well, there are some signs to tell you.

Confirm The Certification:

In order to buy an effective shower filter, you must verify its certifications. Filters that come with NSF 42 certification ensure that they can lower the chlorine content in water.

See The Test Results:

There is another way to assure you of your shower filter. That is a laboratory test. A trusted manufacturer will surely share the result of the test with their consumers.

Some Reliable Products Of Shower Head Filters:

If you want to get the best shower filter for hard water, we can suggest some products. Such as PureAction Shower Filter, AquaBliss Shower Filter, Berkey Shower Filter, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do shower head filters work for hard water?

Shower head filters are used to remove chlorine and other impurities from hard water. And we know hard water can only be softened when the minerals can be removed completely. Whereas, a shower head filter can only reduce the minerals, but cannot remove them.

How long do shower head water filters last?

A shower head water filter usually lasts for 4 to 6 months. It also depends on the quality of water and frequency of use. For example, if you don’t shower every day, after one day each then your filter may last for 8 months.

Do water softening shower heads work?

Softening shower heads do work for a specific time. Well, there is a certain duration for a water softener to provide the desired results. Using it for a long period may not give any benefits to you like it used to give before.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we all have now got our answers to the question- Do hard water filter shower heads really work? It is always yes. Shower head filters really work.

One thing you must remember is that a hard water filter shower head cannot soften water. It means a shower filter can reduce the chemicals, minerals, etc., but not remove them completely.

As we are going to use shower heads for bathing not drinking, a little bit of contaminant is compromisable. But you can be assured of getting an improvement from your shower head water.

Share your experience with us if you have ever used a hard water filter showerhead.

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