Is Outside Faucet Water Safe To Drink?

Is outside faucet water safe to drink? No, the outside faucet water is not safe to drink, except for the faucet water of some countries. However, in 181 countries the faucet water is not safe because of the contaminants. Garden faucets are usually exposed.

So, they are susceptible to insects and pests. When those faucets are turned on, the contaminants inside also come out. Thus, it makes the water unsafe to drink.

Although some tap water is not so harmful to your health, it is not recommended to drink. This article will tell you more if the outside faucet water is safe or not. Instead of making any further delay, let’s jump to the topic now.

Is Outside Faucet Water Safe To Drink? (Consider 11 Factors)

To remain safe and sound, it is better to avoid drinking water from outdoor faucets. You never know what and how germs can get into them. Yet, giving a check to the water source of the faucets can meet our contentment.

These are just the teasers. There are a lot more things to know about the outside faucet water. Let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the concept through the below traits:

Outside Faucet Water Have Germs:

As said before, the outside faucet water is not recommended drink. Because most of the outside faucets are prone to unwanted chemicals and germs. This can affect human health.

Not All Faucet Water Is Unsafe:

Well, we can’t consider the water from outside faucets unsafe every time. There are some facts that tell us if the outside faucet water is safe or not.

Water From Well Is Safe:

Firstly, we have to see from where the water comes to the outdoor faucet. If it is from a well, then it is safe. The water of a well is basically the water from underground. And pollutants can be hardly found in the well water. Whereas, the faucets which have water sources from rivers and lakes can be contaminated.

Some Countries Have Safe Drinking Water Taps:

In some countries, outdoor tap water is considered safer to drink than filtered water. For instance, the City of San Francisco provides free outdoor faucets to people. They contain no contaminants and are safe to drink.

Garden Faucet Water Is Contaminated:

Garden faucets on the other hand do not have the same safety standards as the outdoor faucets of the USA. You will get to see lots of contaminants in them. Such as polyvinyl chloride, bromine, antimony, etc. Other traces like- endocrine-disrupting organotin, phthalates, and heavy metals are also found in the garden hose water.

Problems Due To Heavy Metals:

The heavy metals present in the outside hose water can lead to different problems. Like- as muscle cramps, diarrhea, nerve damage, and so on.

Iron Contaminants In Faucet Water:

You will not only find heavy metals in the faucet water but also other iron contaminants. They are- Ferrous iron contamination and Ferric iron contamination.

The ferrous iron is visible in the water. You will get to see it instantly when water drips out from the faucet. And when you collect the water in a bowl or glass, these ferrous contaminants will turn a red or brown color.

In contrast, the ferric iron turns the water into a yellowish-red color. This contaminant is visible too.

Garden Hose Water And Tap Water Is The Same:

Don’t think tap water and garden hose water is different. They both have the same water source. If the garden hose water is not safe, so is the tap water.

Varieties In Faucet Water:

Tap water or faucet water is not sterile. So there is a chance of having germs in them. Whereas, some tap water is considered safer than bottled water. They are disinfected, filtered, and come with an added mineral, i.e. fluoride.

Safety Standards In Outdoor Faucets:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set some safety standards for outdoor faucets. It is maintained in very specific countries.

Testify The Water:

Those who want the assurance of safe drinking water from their faucets can simply test the water. It can be testified by the state-certified laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Not all tap water is safe to drink. But yes, tap water in the United States is completely safe to drink. Whereas, in most countries, tap water is not safe to drink. It’s because there is a great chance of having pollutants in the taps.

What Happens If You Drink Hose Water?

Hose water is mostly contaminated. The chemicals found in such water are not safe for the body. Thus, drinking it can cause various health issues. Such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc.

Is Water From The Hose The Same As Tap Water?

Yes, the water that comes from the hose is the same as the water that comes from the tap. The water pipes located under the ground go to both taps and hoses. So yeah, the water in the tap and hose is the same.

How Do I Get Rid of Bacteria In My Faucet?

To get rid of bacteria, you can use a resealable bag half-filled with vinegar. Then attach it with a rubber band and make it ready to submerge the faucet into the bag. Well, vinegar is a great ingredient to disinfect germs and break the build-ups of grime.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above concept could give you an oriented idea about the outside faucet water. Yet, we can have a brief discussion over it again.

In most countries, faucet water is not safe to drink. On the other hand, the UK, USA, and Australia offer safe drinking water in their water taps. But they don’t offer safe drinking water to the garden hoses. Because the unwanted chemicals leach towards the water of garden hoses every time.

In clear words, the outside faucet water is never safe for drinking. So this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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