Why Does My Kitchen Faucet Pulsate?

Why does my kitchen faucet pulsate? Kitchen faucets tend to pulsate when they have inadequate air pressure, restricted water flow, loose water pipe, loose washer, etc. And of course, the pressure surge in the water pipe can also be the reason for pulsating of the faucet.

If you have ever faced this problem, then this article is for you. Here, you will get to know all the possible reasons that can pulsate a kitchen faucet along with their solutions.

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Why Does My Kitchen Faucet Pulsate?

The below traits will tell you about some common reasons why a kitchen faucet pulsates.

When The Air Pressure Is Not Adequate:

Usually, the air pressure does not tend to be enough when there is any sort of malfunctioning in the air booster pump. Besides, the calcium deposits may clog the faucet aerator which can reduce the air pressure.

When The Water Flow Is Restricted:

We all know that the screens of faucets are very small. When the minerals build up there it becomes very easy for the faucet to restrict the water flow. In that case, tap water pulsating won’t be surprising.

When Does The Water Push Up and Backs Down:

Like inadequate water pressure, excess water pressure is not a good thing for faucets. It can cause back watering and change the water in the pipe which is looking for equilibrium. These can lead the water to go up or down.

You must have seen internal leaks in your sink. This can be a reason for the back watering and pulsating of the faucet.

When the Air Becomes Trapped:

In many cases, it has been found that air is trapped in the water system in the form of bubbles. And that is a common cause of faucet pulsating.

When The Pipe Connections Are Loose:

Just imagine having loose pipe connections in your faucet. Don’t you think that can take the water out of the faucet? Well, that is the reason why the faucet can pulsate.

When The Washer Is Loose:

Usually, water does not come out only because of a loose pipe but also because of a loose washer.

When The Pressure Switch Malfunctions:

One of the most common reasons for a faucet to pulsate is the malfunctioning of the pressure switch. In such a time the water will keep flowing and sometimes the water will stop flowing.

When The Water Supply Is Low:

Usually, the water supply becomes low when the water pipe is sealed up from anywhere. Besides, a tube card in the water pipe can also lead to this problem. That is why it is very important to ensure the smooth operation of the water supply in our faucet.

When Do Pressure Surges Occur:

Have you ever heard about the water hammer? Well, it is none other than the pressure surges occurring in the pipeline. It changes the water flow in the faucet resulting in water pulsing out of the faucet.

When Is The Water Pipe Damaged:

It can happen that the water pipe is breaking out but not leaking yet. This leads to unstable water pressure. Mostly this type of hassle occurs when the water pipe is damaged or rusty.

Fixing A Pulsating Faucet

So far, you must have understood that the repair process is going to depend on the cause of pulsating.  Let us have a glance below to fix this problem.

Check The Aerator:

Usually, minerals and build-ups are the common causes of having a clogged aerator. So it is very important to take the aerator out with the help of an Allen wrench and aerator cache key. And of course check for the dirt inside it. if you find it, clean the aerator instantly.

release air from water pipes:

Trapping of air inside a faucet can only be solved if you release the air. At that time what you need to do is turn off the main shut-off valve. Then again turn the faucet on near the shut-off valve and let the water drain out of the system.

Remember to let the water drain until everything gets out of the faucet. This will help release the air from water pipes.

Look For Broken Pipes:

Visible surges appear when the pipes are not right or broken. Therefore, it is important to check for broken pipes and repair them immediately.

Check The Pressure switch:

As said before, the malfunctioning of a pressure switch can cause a faucet pulsation. So you can’t avoid checking it if you want to fix the problem. This can ensure you the water pressure range inside the faucet. If you see the water pressure range is unwanted, get help from a plumber.

Check the Pipe Connections:

When you find any sort of loose pipe connections, you must fasten them up. You can simply disconnect the handle and wire from the pressure switch to solve this problem

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my sink faucet pulsating?

Air in the pipes or a clog in the aerator can make a sink faucet pulsate. Moreover, scalding of hot water and leaky supply lines can lead to this problem as well.

Why does my kitchen faucet vibrate?

We get to see water pipes pulsating sound when the faucet vibrates. And that can occur because of the water hammer or pressure surge. Again, this pressure surge can be caused due to the trapping of air.

How to fix pulsating water pressure?

First thing first you have to check the aerator, change the cartridge, fasten the pipe connections, release the trapped air, etc. If nothing works, your last resort will be calling a plumber.

Final Thoughts

So this was all. Hopefully, you have now got your answer, Why does my kitchen faucet pulsate? Well, the short answer is clogged aerators, insufficient water supply, restricted air flow, loose pipe connections, and so on. Even though we now know about the common reason, it is important to check our kitchen faucets frequently.

As a result, you can step up for the solutions before the problem becomes bigger. Lastly, we would say don’t hesitate to call a plumber if you can’t fix the faucet on your own.

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