Freeze Miser Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protection In 2024

We all have heard about freeze miser outdoor faucet freeze protection. It is none other than a thermostat which needs to be installed with a hose or faucet.

It mainly works by regulating the drip rate when the water fluctuates. Through this fluctuation, it gets easier to know if the freeze miser outdoor faucet freeze cover is working perfectly or not.

However, its main task is not letting the faucet freeze by releasing less amount of water. Most manufacturers say that a Freeze Miser should be used after testing and after keeping it in the freezer for one hour.

In this article, we will discuss a single product review which is about a Freeze Miser. The Blue Penguin’s Freeze Miser is one of the most popular products you will get to see on Amazon.

Here, we will prescribe the fabrication, installation, testing, warranty, limitations, etc of this Freeze Miser.

So, let’s not make any further delay and get to the topic straight.

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Freeze Miser Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protection

Fabric faucet socks, winter faucet covers, or a manual drip method protects an outdoor faucet well. But they cannot protect the faucets and pipes from freezing.

However, the Blue Penguin’s Freeze Miser can help your faucet to be protected from freezing.


Since this outdoor faucet freeze protector is made of brass, it can ensure durability and antibacterial properties.

On the other hand, the stainless steel in the Blue Penguin’s Freeze Miser will make it resistant to corrosion. And the polypropylene in this product will give good flexural strength and resistance to chemicals.

The other materials include- O rings, stainless steel springs, stainless steel fill plugs, stainless steel valve rods, nylon washers, water release ports, thermal wax, and so on.

The thermal wax tends to shrink when it is frozen or expanded while thawing. Because of it, the Freeze Miser gets the sensation of the internal water temperature.

How Does The Freeze Miser Works?

The working procedure of the Freeze Miser is also simple. It releases a very little amount of water by not letting the faucet freeze. Besides, it has been designated in such a way that the Freeze Miser can sense the internal water temperature easily.

Thus, water can hardly drip until the temperature of the water goes below 37° F/3° C. It means you can provide better freeze protection to your faucet within a very less amount of water.

Installation Of The Freeze Miser;

Now the question is, how to install the Freeze Miser? Well, it’s very easy. You just need to follow two simple steps. Hand-tighten it on your exterior faucet and open the faucet to ensure the proper amount of water pressure, i.e. minimum 10 PSI.

Now, your faucet is all set to stay protected from freezing.


One amazing thing about this Freeze Miser is, it gives 2 years of guaranteed warranty against defects in craftsmanship and materials.

If your faucet is exposed to a freezing temperature, we would recommend attaching this product to your faucet.

Limitations While Using The Freeze Miser;

Customers may find some elements while using the Blue Penguin’s Freeze Miser. For instance, it needs to be warmed up well past 40 degrees outside to shut off completely.

So, you will find your faucet sometimes dripping unnecessarily. Also, it can get stuck full-open where you may require to heat the wax, perhaps with a hair drier.

Freeze Miser

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Cold Will Freeze Miser Work?

The Freeze Miser works when the water temperature goes below 37º F/3º C. Moreover, the water starts to release only if the Freeze Miser can sense the activation temperature.

Do You Need To Protect Your Faucet From Freezing?

Sometimes, the pipes that are connected to the outdoor faucets, tend to be vulnerable to freezing conditions. You will get to see it in many homes that are insulated from cold and gain heat from HVAC systems.

So, you should always check and give winterize to your outdoor faucet.

How To Install A Freeze Miser?

As said before, a Freeze Miser requires two steps to install. Firstly, tighten up the exterior faucet and open it to ensure the right amount of water pressure.

You can use your hands to tighten up the faucet. And remember, the water pressure in it should have a minimum of 10 PSI.

How To Test Freeze Miser?

First of all, we would recommend giving yearly testing of the Freeze Miser before installing it. To get the best results, it is important to place it in the freezer for about one hour. Then remove the Freeze Miser and install it on your outdoor faucet. Then turn on the water supply valve so that it remains in an open position.

This is how the water will discharge through the Freeze Miser, and the minimum rate is going to be 2 to 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above article could give you a proper overview of outdoor faucet freeze protection (Freeze Miser). Yet, we can have a short discussion on it again.

A Freeze Miser is something that good faucet protection is affordable, dependable, and saves water. No matter how cold your faucet becomes, the Freeze Miser won’t let it freeze at any cost.

Those who want to install a Freeze Miser must grab a Y valve first. With the help of this valve, you can install your faucet protector in a vertical or horizontal position. And don’t forget to give a yearly test for it.

So, this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.

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