Ways To Use Thread Seal Tape For Shower Head

How to use thread seal tape for shower heads? The first thing you must remember while using thread seal tape is to use it gently. This tape can be delicate. Then you have to wrap the tape over the pipe fitting of your shower head a couple of times.

Anyways, these are not just enough to know about using thread seal tape. Understanding the tape, pipe fittings, male threads, female threads, etc are important.

Don’t worry, the theme is not so confusing. We have prescribed everything in easy words along with a step-by-step guide.

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How To Use Thread Seal Tape For Shower Head?

Almost all shower items have thread seal tape in their package. And the best part is this tape comes free with them.

Moreover, you will see plumbers are attaching this thread seal tape when there arises a leakage problem in our shower heads. It is because thread seal tape has a great role in fixing all bathroom fixtures, including shower heads.

So let us have a look below to transpire about this tape and its use the procedure.

About Thread Seal Tape:

A thread seal tape is commonly used to seal pipe threads. It is also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film tape, Teflon tape, and plumber’s tape.

Uses Of Thread Seal Tape:

Teflon tape not only supports a shower head, but also sprinkler heads, gas pipes, faucets, sinks, and many more. While installing a shower head, you will see most plumbers use Teflon tape to make the pipes sealed and watertight.

So you can call this tape waterproof as well. However, a plumber’s tape will not only do the job of sealing pipes but also reduce friction.

Use of Thread Seal Tape On A Shower Head

Now our concern is, where the thread seal tape is specifically used in a shower head. Well, this tape is used on the threads of male pipe fittings. After using the PTFE thread seal tape on the male pipe fitting, you are to screw the female pipe fitting. So it is clear that the Teflon tape is used on the male threads.

Male Pipe Fitting:

Those who are new to the parts of shower fixtures, may not know what a male pipe fitting is. Well, the male pipe fitting is located outside which looks like a bolt. The male threads of a male pipe fitting have grooves placed externally.

Female Pipe Fitting:

Female pipe fittings are the corresponding part of the male pipe fittings. The female threads are located internally like a nut. Like male pipe threads, female pipe threads have grooves, but inside.

Places Where Plumber’s Tape Is Not Used:

We must know that too where the plumber’s tape is not required. Well, you won’t have to use it on unthreaded joints. Because that is the part where you will need to use a liquid sealant. Whereas, a Teflon tape will only seal the threaded plumbing joints.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use A Thread Seal Tape

Now it is high time to know about thread seal tape and how to use step by step.

Step 1: Peel Out The Tape From The Tape:

The plumber’s tape is obviously rolled. So first you have to find the end of the tape. Then peel out enough tape to hold.

Step 2: Cover The Male Thread With The Tape:

Keep your threaded pipe ready to be rolled with the tape. Now put the pipe thread over your Teflon tape so that it sticks properly. Then keep the pipe positioned like you have to roll it counterclockwise. Well, wrapping the plumber’s tape clockwise won’t give you any hassle while screwing the female fitting.

Step 3: Wrap The Tape Tightly:

Don’t forget that wrapping the tape correctly and tightly is important. Because that is going to prevent the shower head from leaking. Since we have pressed the tape’s end over the male thread fitting, it is now time to wrap the fitting completely.

Do this step steadily. Keep holding the tape on your supporting hand and the pipe on your dominant hand.

Afterward, let the tape be as it is and keep rolling the pipe. Make sure the tape wraps the threads tightly. Keep wrapping the threads until you have completed 2 to 3 revolutions. Or you can simply understand when the threads of the pipe are not much visible transparently.

Step 4: Separate The Wrapped Pipe From The Tape:

So now we have covered the threads with our thread seal tape. Then you will need to pinch the last part of the tape so that it gets separated from the wrapped pipe. Now wrap that little part of the tape gently over the pipe.

Step 5: Screw The Male Fitting With the Female Threads:

The rolling of the PTFE tape over the male thread fittings has created a tight seal between the threads. So, it is going to be super easy now for you to screw the female piece onto the male fitting. After you have screwed the corresponding pieces, your job is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use thread tape on the shower head?

Whenever it comes to preventing the pipes from leaking, thread tape is always the best solution. It is also available as Teflon tape, Plumber’s tape, and PTFE tape.

How to remove Teflon tape from the shower head?

To remove Teflon tape from a shower head, you have it peel it off gently. After you have removed the tape completely, use a brush to remove the sticky residues and bits from the threads.

When should you not use thread seal tape?

No doubt, thread seal tape works well to seal the pipes of a shower head. But you cannot use it when the connections of the pipes are gasket or sealed with rubber.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t figure out how to use thread seal tape for the shower head, it is very easy. Just peel the end of the tape as you do with normal tapes. Then roll it over the male pipe fitting of your shower head.

And make sure you have followed every step wisely. Because the revolution of the Teflon tape can either make or break the convenience of your shower experience.

Besides, good quality Teflon tape can serve your shower head for a long time. So this was all. Let us know through the comments if you have ever struggled using thread seal tape.

Thank you.

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