How Do You Bypass A Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid?

How do you bypass a Delta touch faucet solenoid? To bypass a Delta touch faucet, you have to start by opening the battery holder cap. Then open the valve shank or spout and disconnect the sensor hooks from there.

Afterward, remove the hose clip from the solenoid so that the solenoid comes out. While removing that solenoid, swing the clip or remove the clip at the same time.

There is an adapter in the valve outlet tube which needs to be removed as well. This will open up the valve outlet nipple and the hose can’t connect to the adapter anymore.

Anyways, the whole process will seem a bit complicated now. In fact, we have heard that disabling a Delta touch faucet is quite harder than disabling the Moen or Kohler kitchen faucet. But it’s nothing like that. Unless you go through the step-by-step guide below, your confusion is not going to get clear.

So, let’s not make any further delay and get to the topic straight.

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Delta Touch Faucet Assembling

Sometimes, the water faucets go through low water pressure. You can check your faucet for pressure by cleaning its filter and heading out. Another thing you can do is disconnect the wires from the solenoid and the batteries.

Also, disconnect the water supply from the solenoid. You will see the solenoid has a valve inside that opens and closes electronically when you touch your faucet allowing water to come through.

A solenoid should have another filter too. If your Delta faucet has such, remove that filter and clean it with a paper towel. After that, put the filter back in its place and reinstall the solenoid.

Now the faucet should have worked fine. If the batteries are fully charged and the solenoid still fails to work, then you will need to replace the solenoid. You can also make your Faucet manual by disabling the touch.

How To Bypass A Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid? (Easy To Ways)

how do you bypass a delta touch faucet solenoid

Here are some tips and tricks below that you can follow for bypassing a Delta touch faucet solenoid. Have a look below:

Take The Batteries Out:

To remove the touch feature from your Delta faucet, you have to first start by removing the batteries. You just need to pull the lid to do so. Place the battery pack, then lift the lid up, take the batteries out, and you are done.

Pull The Plug:

Some Delta faucets directly pull from the plug. In that case, it’s a must to pull out the plug. Besides, it is safe to unplug since the Delta faucets use very little energy.

Disconnect The Valve Panel:

Your Delta faucet’s control box should be underneath the sink. That’s the valve panel you are looking for. However, this box will have a manual override option.

It can be in the form of a knob, switch, or o4 slit switch. To turn off the valve panel, you will have to either rotate the knob, turn the slit switch, or flip the switch.

Remove The Solenoid:

Unlike other faucets, Delta faucets come with a solenoid attached with some blue removable clips. Before you remove it, make sure to shut off the water supply first.

There is a shutoff valve underneath the sink which is quite helpful for restricting the water to the sink. But if your faucet does not have that shutoff valve, check the main water shut-off valve.

Once you have restricted the water with the shutoff valve, remove those blue clips and take the solenoid out. Afterward, attach the sprayer hose to the faucet outlet so that its handle can bypass the mechanism easily.

Remove The Electronic Module:

The black box underneath the sink is the electronics module. Open it and you will see the battery’s terminal is positive. You have to turn it into a negative. But if you see the terminal is already negative, take it to positive for some seconds and then again turn it to negative.

Now, your Delta touch faucet solenoid has been disabled completely and is ready to work manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reset A Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid?

To reset a Delta Touch faucet solenoid, you have to first disconnect the terminal from the batteries. Also, see if the solenoid is connected properly or not. Then, disconnect the solenoid by removing it from the battery pack and wait for some moment. 30 seconds would be enough. Thus, your solenoid gets reset.

Can I Disable The Touch Feature on The Delta Faucet?

Yes, you can disable the touch feature on a Delta faucet. But it’s going to be a bit complex. You have to bypass the solenoid for it.

For this, remove the batteries, and remove the blue removable clips from the valve. Then after removing the solenoid, disconnect the electric modules. And you are done.

How To Bypass A Touchless Faucet?

Faucets like Delta, Kohler, and Moen should have a valve box where the manual override option is seen. This option usually comes in the form of a knob, switch, or slit switch. If yours is a knob, rotate it. If it’s a switch, flip it. And if it’s a slit switch, turn it.

As a result, you can bypass your touchless faucet with a click.

How To Install The Delta Touch Faucet?

To remove a Delta touch faucet, start with mounting the faucet, then install the nut. After that, connect the supply lines and install the cover plates. Then connect the solenoid to the swivel clips and mount the solenoid. Next, connect the braided wire and the valve.

Lastly, connect the sprayer and adjust it properly.

How To Remove The Delta Touch Faucet?

To remove a Delta touch faucet, shut off the water supply lines. Then detach the supply lines and remove the securing nuts and retaining plates from the faucet. You can use a wrench or screwdriver for that. Afterward, lift the handle up.

You can also use your hand to lift it up after loosening the screws with the wrench.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above abstract could help you with bypassing the Delta touch faucet solenoid. Yet, we can have a brief discussion on the above topic again.

So what you need to do is remove the batteries of your Delta touch faucet, then remove the space clips and disconnect the electric modules. If you are thinking that a bypass kit is going to be required, you are thinking wrong. A wrench or a screwdriver can help in this regard.

Don’t worry, resetting the solenoid again. It’s easy to do. Just mount the faucet, install the nut, connect the water lines, install the cover plates, and connect the solenoid to the clips, connect the braided wire, valve, and sprayer hose.

As simple as that. So this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.

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