How To Connect Outside Water Faucet To PVC Pipe?

Do you want to connect your outside water faucet to a PVC pipe? Do you also think about how to complete this cumbersome job? This article will show you how to connect the outside water faucet to a PVC pipe. The process is very easy, and you can do it independently just need the right tools and equipment.

Firstly, you must remove the indoor faucet and cut the PVC pipe. Then smoothen the edge of it and use the PVC primer. After that, apply PVC glue on both sides of the hose adapter. Next, connect the PVC pipe and the water faucet. Last, of all, secure all the connections using Teflon Tape.

We have described the whole process of connecting the outside faucet to the PVC pipe and introduced you to all the necessary tools to complete the procedure.

How To Connect Outside Water Faucet To PVC Pipe? (6 Easy Steps)

Take A Garden Hose Adapter:

Before starting work, if you arrange all the necessary tools, it will be easy to work. Get a garden hose adapter first.

A garden hose adapter is essential for this job because it connects one side of the hose to the outside faucet. This tool is used for plumbing, connecting pipes or valves, and especially for outdoor faucets. This way, you can avoid water leaking from the line.

You can buy the hose adapter from your local store, and it is also available on Amazon at an affordable price, starting from $10.

You need to consider size, and the standard size of the hose adapter is ¾ inches. Different sizes are found in the market, so use a measuring tape to measure the accurate hose nozzle size. If you fail to measure the length correctly, you may fail to attach it correctly.

Avoid plastic or metal hose adapters because these types of adapters are cheap and less durable. I suggest you take a metal garden hose as the metal adapter is solid and durable enough.

Take The Correct Measurement of PVC Pipe:

PVC is made of plastic and is durable for making water pipes. If you have an outdoor faucet, you can connect it with PVC pipe, which will help you with plumbing and drainage in your home. Choose the correct measurement of the PVC pipe.

When measuring PVC pipe, take some extra length as the pipe expands or contracts due to temperature variation.

Different types of pipe have different thicknesses, so you must keep in mind that the outside diameter and inside diameter are not the same, and you need to measure them differently.

Other Necessary Materials:

  • PVC pipe
  • Glue
  • PVC primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Sharp knife
  • Teflon tape
  • Towel
  • Eye protection

How To Connect The Outside Water Faucet To The PVC Pipe(Easy 6 Steps)

Ensure all necessary tools and materials are in front of you. If so, now we can start the procedure. Follow the below steps.


First, turn off your water supply, which will be difficult to work due to the flow of water. Open the indoor faucet to release pressure so that leftover water will drain and the air inside will be released.


Take a sharp knife to cut the required section of the existing PVC pipe. Measure the hose adapter that you have to install with the pipe.

It requires cutting half-inch to one-inch so that it can fit exactly. Make sure you are using eye protection or glass while doing this job.


After finishing the cutting process, the pipe will have pointy ends. Now it needs to shape and smooth spikes. Use a sharp knife to shape the pipe’s edge and sandpaper to level the curved surface.

Clean the dust from the surface with a towel or cloth. Now mark the required place where you want to spread primer or glue.


Now it’s time to apply the PVC primer. This is a crucial part of the process because it ensures the strong bond of the joints.

The primer must be wet while applying it, so you must do the work quickly because the primer works well when it is wet. Primer makes the surface of the PVC pipe soften and smoothen, which happens for its initiating the chemical reaction.

So carefully apply primer on the inside or outside of the PVC pipe. Use hand gloves while using a primer to protect your hand because primer releases harmful fumes, and the fumes may irritate you.

Step- 5

After applying primer, apply PVC glue to the outside pipe, and the adapter’s inside. You have to cover the primed surface. Make sure you are applying good-quality glue and do not apply too much glue.

Applying glue on the primer will ensure you do not leak and it fits the pipe properly. When you complete, spread the glue evenly, and join the tubes quickly. Hold the edge until the glue is firm. As a result, the water faucet and PVC pipe fit perfectly.


In the last step, secure the connection. Take a Teflon Tape and wrap the tape on the pipe in a clockwise direction. This step will prevent the leaking of the pipe.  Now, let it dry for a few minutes. After that, you can turn on the water supply. If there is no issue, then you have completed the process successfully.


How To Connect The Faucet To The PVC Pipe?

Firstly, you must certify the correct measurements and pick the perfect coupling. After that, you must turn off the water supply and cut the small section of the remaining PVC pipe. Trim the PVC pipe, apply PVC primer, and glue it. Finally, secure the connection.

How To Attach A Water Hose To A PVC Pipe?

In the beginning, cover the adapter’s threads with plumbing tape and secure the water hose. Now, turn the water hose off besides turn on the water to check for outflows. Finally, tense the connector along with turning on the tap.


Hopefully, you have followed all the steps mentioned above and completed the work successfully. Keep in mind here that the main thing is measurement.

If you correctly measure the pipe and area, you can accurately fit the water faucet and pipe. Well, planning is half of the work. So if you make a plan before starting the process, it will be easier for you.

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