How To Fix Leaking Washing Machine Faucet?

When it comes to the shut-off valves used for hot and cold water supply in a washing machine, you can experience leaks there over time. Any kind of leakage there may damage the wall of the laundry room and also it will increase your overall water bills.

So, it is necessary to fix the leakage in the faucet. In this article, I will guide you on how to fix a leaking washing machine faucet. Without delaying anymore, let’s begin from here.

Why It Is Necessary To Fix This Leaking Issue?

If you own a washing machine and have been using it for a long time, you may have experienced dipping water issues from the faucet. The leakage may not be on a large scale. But still, this dipping water can damage your wall or floor.

And, it becomes sometimes pretty much frustrating when you see water on the floor in your laundry room. So, you should take all the necessary steps to rectify the situation. In most cases, the leakage happens due to worn-out parts or loose screws.

When any parts are damaged, you must replace them to solve the issue. In the next section below, I will discuss the fixation procedures in detail.

How To Fix Leaking Washing Machine Faucets?

how to fix leaking washing machine faucet

There are many reasons why you may experience leakage in the laundry shut-off valve. When you see water drips on the floor, you should go for the replacement of one or both valves.

Now, when you talk about shut-off valves for washers, you may get them in different sizes and shapes. However, you will also find some similar components in different varieties of valves. To be honest, it will not take much time to replace the washing machine valves.

Nonetheless, you need to follow the right steps to get the job done. Below I will give you a step-by-step guide for the entire washing machine faucet replacement process.

Shut The Leaky Valve Off:

Before moving into the replacement process, you can start by shutting off the valve where leakage occurs.

To do that, you need to use an adjustable wrench to tighten the packing nut clockwise. Then, you should open and close the handle several times. It is a final check to see whether the valve is still leaky or not.

Shut Off the Hot Water Supply Valve:

At this point, you must shut the hot water supply valve which is located above the water heater.

You can check the warmth status by touching it on the back of your hand. To go into the next step, you should shut off the valve.

Shut off the Main Water Supply:

Now, you should go to the main water supply point and shut off the valve there. After that, you need to open the hose so that the remaining water can drain properly.

Remove The Handle:

In this step, you should remove the faulty parts to fix the issue. To be honest, the whole thing includes unscrewing and removing the damaged parts. However, you will need some basic tools to get the job done.

Firstly, you must loosen the screw in the handle so that you can remove the washer valve handle from the valve stem. You can do it by taking help from a screwdriver.

Detach The Packing Nut:

Then, you have to turn the packing nut counterclockwise. It will detach it from the valve’s bonnet. Then, you have to remove the packing nut completely from the stem and keep it aside. You will need to use a wrench for this task.

Remove The Rubber Bushing:

After that, you must remove the rubber bushing from the stem. To complete this step, take your screwdriver and using its tip pry out the bushing. Then, you will be able to slide it off from the stem.

Install New Bushing And Packing Nut:

Now that you have already removed the damaged parts, it’s time to install the new parts to complete the fixing work. Firstly, you have to install the new bushing onto the stem. Make sure that it is well fit for the bonnet.

After that, you have to slide the packing nut into its right place. Make sure the right alignment for the threads. After that, you have to turn the packing nut clockwise by using your wrench.

Install The Handle Again:

At this point, it is time to work with the handle again. You need to attach the handle at the end of the stem. You should screw it properly and tighten the screw by using your screwdriver.

Connect The Hose Again:

If you have completed all of the steps mentioned above successfully, the major task is already done.

Now, all you have to do is connect the hoses again to the valves. Then, open up the valve in the main water supply. You should also open the hot water valve at the water heater.

Check For Any Leakage:

The fixation part has already been completed. Still, you should check for any leakage in the washing machine faucet again. If you can’t see any more leakage there, the problem is already successfully fixed.

For further understanding, you can check out this video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Water Faucet Dripping?

When a water faucet starts to drip, there can be a couple of reasons for that. For example. If the washer is worn out, or the O ring is loosened, you may face this issue. Sometimes, the gasket can be worn out as well.

Maybe there is corrosion in the valve set which can be the main reason for the water faucet dripping. Whatever the cause is, you will be able to fix the issue with proper troubleshooting techniques.

Can I Fix The Dripping Washing Machine Faucet Myself?

Yes, you can fix the dripping washing machine faucet by yourself. However, you must follow the right steps to get the job done.

First of all, you have to identify the causes of the dripping. If any part is damaged, you should remove it first. Then, you must get new parts and install that part correctly to fix the issue.

Do You Have To Turn The Water Off To Change A Tap Washer?

Whenever you need to replace a faucet or tap washer, the first thing you must do is turn off the main water supply.

If you don’t do that, there is a high chance of flooding the bathroom or kitchen unexpectedly. You will find a valve underneath the tap that can be used to the shut off water supply.


If you are using a washing machine in-house for a long period, chances are any important parts of the shut-off valve can be damaged.

As a result, leakage can occur which can be quite frustrating sometimes. So, it is important to fix the leakage as soon as possible.

So In this article, I explained how to fix a leaking washing machine faucet correctly. I hope it was helpful and now you can fix the issue without any kind of hassle.

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