How To Install A Pur Water Filter On A Pull-Out Faucet?

Ways to install Pur water filter on pull out faucet is, To install your Pur water filter on a pull-out faucet, you will need to remove the cover, aerator, and washer, and simply attach the device. This quick step is only applicable if you don’t require an adapter.

At the maximum time, an adapter is needed. For instance, an internal threading faucet requires one adapter and an external threading faucet requires another adapter.

Meanwhile, the pull-out faucets serve the main body of the faucets only and their wand is rigid. So they can hardly support the filter mounts.

Another thing you must keep in mind is, that the Pur water filter supports the standard faucets only. Besides, you may need adapters to install this filtration system.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the process and techniques for installing a Put water filter on a pull-out faucet.

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Installing A Put Water Filter on A Pull-Out Faucet

It can be surprising how a water filter can fit in a pull-out faucet. Because the pull-out faucets and the handheld faucets don’t work well together.

Well, installing a Put water filter on a pull-out faucet is possible. But you must have a standard faucet for that. Besides, the adapters can make the installation far easier than you think.

We usually connect our filter with a random sink water tape. In the same way, you can connect your online water filter to your pull-out faucet.

If you think that you should go for an alternative to the Pur water filter, you can use the Pur filtered water pitcher or under-sink filtration systems.

It is super easy to connect the under-sink filtration system. It’s like connecting a drinking water faucet with a casual water filter.

How To Install Pur Water Filter On Pull Out Faucet? (10 Ways)

How To Install A Pur Water Filter On A Pull-Out Faucet

To install your Pur water filter, you will need zero tools except for those that come with the package. You just need to follow the quick steps to have clean, healthy, and great-tasting water.

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and get to the steps straight:

Take The Tools Out:

First, you have to open your Pur package to get your Pur device, filter cartridge, three adapters, washers, and the owner’s manual out.

Install The Filter:

Install your filter by twisting its back cover. You must orient the filter properly so that no hindrance occurs while inserting the filter into the device. While inserting, you will see the filter is fitting loosely, and it’s completely normal.

Replace The Cover:

After inserting, replace the cover and remove the original aerator from your faucet. Check if there is a washer inside. If you find any, remove them. A rubber jar opener can be helpful if there is any sort of trouble.

Identify The Faucet’s Threading:

Then you have to identify if your faucet has internal or external threading. This will help you to know whether you need an adapter and which threading would be appropriate to install your Pur water filter.

Attach The Adapters:

On your first try, you can attach the Pur device directly to your faucet. Since the device has built-in threading, it will fit almost all external threaded faucets.

The device may not fit either. In that case, you have to attach the adapters that are provided with the device. For an externally threaded faucet, try attaching an adapter. For an internally threaded faucet, try attaching adapter two or adapter three.

Ask For A New Adapter If Doesn’t Match (Optional):

If none of the adapters fit your faucet, call Pur and ask for a suitable adapter for your faucet at no cost. And if you have found the right adapter, make sure the washer has been set properly inside.

Tighten Up The Device:

When you will be mounting your Pur device, it must be level to ensure a correct seal.

Now with the clean sensor monitor facing you, you have to tighten up the device onto the faucet. Also, you have to turn the threaded mounting nut counterclockwise until it gets secure.

Turn The Device On:

everything is in place. It’s now time to turn your faucet on and switch the Pur faucet filtration system’s lever down. As a result, the water will get redirected from the faucet through the Pur faucet system for filtered water.

Find The Signals of Operating:

When the filter will operate, you will see a green light flashing about six times. It means the filter is working properly.

Flush The Cartridge:

The lever will allow you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. Before you use it, flush the cartridge by letting cold water run through the filtration system for at least five minutes.

It can happen that the water is appearing cloudy or some sound is coming like the water is pushing air through the filter cartridge. This is very normal indeed and will end once the system is flushed.

Now your faucet is ready to give you great-tasting water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Pull-Out Filter And A Pull-Down Faucet?

The main difference that a pull-out and a pull-down faucet carry is the spray wand. Both of these faucets have their spray wand as an extension. In a pull-out faucet, you need to pull out the spray wand.

Whereas, in a pull-down faucet, you need to pull down the spray wand. The pull-out wand is often seen in the sink ledge of faucets.

Is A pull-Out Faucet Worth It?

A pull-out faucet is mostly recommended if users have to use their faucets frequently. If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, you must go for a pull-out faucet.

It gives a smooth clean-up, reduces the splashing of water, and exactly directs water.

What Is The Best Water Filter For A Pull-Down Faucet?

Here are some amazing water filters below for a pull-down faucet:

  • PUR PLUS Horizontal Faucet Mount
  • Brita Basic Faucet Filtration System
  • Culligan Faucet Mount Filter
  • DuPont Premier Faucet Water Filter
  • Waterdrop Water Faucet Filtration System
  • Engdenton Faucet Water Filter
  • Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS
  • iSpring Faucet Mount Water

How To Install A Water Filter On Pull Out Faucet?

To install a water filter on a pull-out faucet, you have to first unscrew and remove the rubber and screen of your faucet. Then choose the right adapter that fits your faucet and install it.

Afterward, disclose the top of the filter unit, take the filter cartridge out, and place it in the filter unit. When you hear a click, it means the adapter has been attached.

How To Install Brita Water Filter on Pull Out Faucet?

To install the Brita water filter on your pull-out faucet, you have to take the rubber washer and screen first. Then choose the adapter that fits your faucet and attach the washer and screen with that adapter.

Next, put the filter unit and align the pegs with the filter cartridge, and your Brita filter is ready to turn on.


So this was all about the installation system of the Pur water filter. In most cases, this Pur water filter is not compatible with the pull-out and pull-down faucets.

It’s because these faucets have their wand placed firmly which can’t bear the weight of a water filter. But if you have a standard faucet or adapters within, it can be easier to install this device.

However, almost all the Pur devices have their tools included in their package. So you don’t need to buy anything differently.

If you don’t want to take the risk of installing the water filter on your pull-out faucet, you can simply opt for some alternatives. Such as a whole house filtration system, an under sink filtration system, or a Pur water pitcher.

Hopefully, the above concept could help you to understand the filter installation. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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