How To Remove An Old Moen Kitchen Faucet?

How to remove an old Moen kitchen faucet? To remove an old Moen kitchen faucet, you have to start by turning off the water. Then remove the weight from the sink and use a wrench to hold the faucet. This will allow for the installation of a new faucet afterward.

The main concern is, taking out the sprout. And this sprout is located above the clip. So, before you take the sprout out, remove the clip.

You will need a screwdriver for that. And in terms of removing the screws, you will have to use an Allen wrench to turn the screws counterclockwise.

Not only the screws but also the handle mechanisms, white rings, plastic sleeves, etc needs to be removed from your Moen faucet. Only then you can smoothly install a new faucet.

In this article, we will everything about the steps and techniques to remove an old Moen kitchen faucet. Instead of making any further delay, let’s get to the topic now.

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How To Remove An Old Moen Kitchen Faucet? (10 Easy Ways)

how to remove an old moen kitchen faucet

One reason why we would prefer removing an old Moen kitchen faucet is when its inside mechanisms stop twisting. That could be because of chemicals inside the water, and it will also sound unwell.

For best results, keep some handy tools aside. Like- some clothes to clean up the water leaks, a container to catch any water spillage, and some miscellaneous tools.

Shut The Water Off:

While removing your faucet, you will have two valves. One is for the hot water and the other is for the cold water.

It would be better if you start by shutting the water off. Try to be gentle while doing so because it has not been tuned many times. And while turning, you will find a little resistance too.

Empty The Pipes:

Afterward, you will see lots of water coming out. So quickly grab one of the containers. And keep in mind, while repairing a kitchen faucet, you must empty the pipes. Also, don’t forget to dry the pipes

Shut off The Valves:

When you are working on the taps, things might be a bit sticky. So turn the tap clockwise to shut it off. Don’t forget to shut down the other tap as well.

If possible, try to put some pressure on it by easing some force. You may find the taps very sticky as they emerged in lots of chemicals. So anyway,  just shut off the two valves.

Then go up and verify that everything is properly off or not. Then turn it to hot and cold.

Take The Weight Out:

If your one is a pull-out faucet, you will find a weight hanging under your sink. This will give you an indication that the home is back in.

You will probably get one Philips head and one screw. You can take them out to reduce some weight and make the work easier. Now take the screw oats and beast and you will get rid of the weight banging around.

Disconnect The Hot And Cold Water Supply:

In the next step, you have to disconnect the hot and cold water supply on the existing faucet.

Usually, you will get two fittings. They are connected to the new faucet. So, you have to disconnect the existing ones.

Go underneath the sink and you will get your new faucet. Afterward, take a wrench and hold that in place, and remove the water supply pipe. Be careful while doing so as you don’t want to strip anything.

Using a wrench can help you to unscrew the set screw and take the handle off.

Place The Wrench:

It’s going to be a bit difficult to tape. Just hold the wrench and place it on the top take the bottom one, and turn it. Be ready with a little pan down so you can easily clean up the water.

By taking the handle off, you can determine the leaks and malfunctionings of your faucet. If you see any dome or jacket in your faucet, pull them out with the wrench.

Take Out The Handle Mechanism:

It’s important to take out the handle mechanism along with the plastic sleeve. Since the handle mechanism is responsible for the waterline flow, you must remove it with care. A screwdriver can be best for it.

Remove The White Rings:

After removing the mechanism, it’s time to take the white rings out. Don’t throw these rings. You will need them while reinstalling a new faucet. In the same way, you have to remove the washer as well.

Wiggle The Pipe:

Once you have cut everything off, wiggle the pipe gently. The nut may come out of the hair at that time. Then again, forth it gently making sure to hold the pipe and break it.

You have to keep doing this step until the pipe gets released. Now all the screws are loosened off. You have to now turn them counterclockwise and remove them.

Take The Faucet Out:

The nut won’t pull up, because the big nut won’t go down. Overall, all these parts are hanging off of the D faucet. And a pull out faucet comes with a certain weight, so you can’t remove it just by using your fingers.

So, you will need to remove the weight first. There is a Philips head screwdriver on the side of it. When you turn it around, you will also have to spin it around and the weight will pop off.

Then compact all the things together. Besides, your faucet should now be able to pull up after completing all the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Remove A Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle?

Moen faucet handles are easy to be taken off just by loosening their screws. You can use a 3/32″ hex wrench for it. Remove the handle first with this wrench, then remove the sprout collar. To do so, turn it counterclockwise, lift it up, and rotate it.

How To Remove A Moen Kitchen Faucet?

To remove a Moen kitchen faucet, you have to first turn off the waterline, empty the pipes and dry them up. Then extract your faucet’s handle and take the plastic sleeve, handle mechanisms, and white rings out. Lastly, lift up the sprout, and you are done.

How To Remove Moen Faucet Without Screws?

There is only one extra step that you need to follow while removing your faucet without screws, i.e. removing the cap.

Here also, you have to start with turning off the water, then removing the cap, removing the hidden screws, removing the faucet handle, and rinsing off the deposits.

How To Remove Moen Mounting Hardware?

To remove a Moen mounting hardware, you have to use a small flathead screwdriver to insert it into the opening of the object you want to open. Then pull the screwdriver away so that the tab remains engaged with the base accessory.

As a result, the product will get released and you can easily put it out from the wall.

How To Replace A Moen Faucet?

For replacing a Moen faucet, disconnect the water supply first. Then remove your old faucet and install the body of your new faucet. Afterward, secure the new faucet and install a sprayer hose.

At last, connect all the tubes of the water supply, and you are done replacing your Moen faucet.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about disassembling a Moen kitchen faucet. As we are ending now, I would like to give you a bit suggestion. Use spray penetrating g oil on the mounting nuts that secure the faucet to the sink. Wait for about 15 minutes, then turn the nuts counterclockwise.

You will see that your whole process is going e effortlessly. And while reinstalling, you have to use the rings that I told you to save and the nuts.

Lastly, make use of a 3/32″ hex wrench. This wrench helps to grab the screws and nuts of a Moen faucet.

Hopefully, the above concept could give you an oriented distinction about removing an old Moen kitchen faucet. Yet, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you.

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