How To Take A Moen Kitchen Faucet Apart?

How to take a Moen kitchen faucet apart? To take your Moen kitchen faucet apart, use a 3/32″ hex wrench. This will help you have a grip on the screws of your faucet and turn them counterclockwise. Thus, you can easily take your faucet apart.

You can also use your hand’s pressure to remove the faucet. You just need to follow some techniques. Like- as turning off the water, removing the chrome cap, unscrewing the black plastic metal sleeve, removing the metal washer, and so on.

All these things will seem complicated now. But we want to save you money by doing the task by yourself instead of taking any service from a plumber. This article will guide you step-by-step on how you can take your Moen kitchen faucet apart.

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and get to the topic straight.

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How To Take A Moen Kitchen Faucet Apart? (16 Easy Steps)

how to take a moen kitchen faucet apart

The Moen faucet comes with various interchangeable parts that allow the users to pluck a new model. If you are also thinking of replacing your faucet, here are some tips below to help you in taking the Moen kitchen faucet apart.

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Turn off The Faucet;

First, you have to start by turning off the faucet. Turn both the hot water and cold water off so that water remains completely off and no pressure build-up occurs in the faucet.

Remove The Chrome Cap;

Now remove the Chrome cap using your hands. Well, you can use your hands to remove the hot and cold indicators as well. As a result, everything will snap into place

Remove The Bolt;

After you are done removing the cap, there will be a small Allen head bolt exposed. Remove it to take the faucet handle off. And of course, take the handle off next.

The chrome sleeve snaps into place, so just give a bit of force on clipping.

Unscrew The Sleeve And Stopper;

Now use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw in the center. It holds the metal bracket that attaches to the handle.

Once you have removed the screw, unscrew the black plastic sleeve. Under that, you will find a white plastic stopper cap that just sits in place. And you will need to remove that as well.

Take The Cartridge Out;

Use an adjustable wrench or a perfect-sized wrench to remove the large black plastic retaining nut. Again, with a standard screwdriver, remove the cartridge that is placed with a c-clip.

Remove The Washer;

There is a small metal washer on the top of the cartridge shaft. You have to remove that as well.

In your cartridge replacement kit, you will find a small plastic-style socket tool that fits directly on the top of the cartridge. Try to fit it on the notch-out portions on the top since it will fit better there.

After you put the tool in place, it will allow you to rotate the cartridge.

Pull out The Socket Tool;

Now, use an adjustable wrench to remove the socket tool and turn the cartridge to break it free. Also, use interlocking pliers to grab the tool on the top of the cartridge and pull it upwards.

You have to use force depending on how long the cartridge has been sitting in the faucet.

Soak The Water;

There will be water sitting inside the cavity and it will most likely squirt out. In that case, you can use some paper towels to wipe off any water.

You can also soak up the water inside the cavity to prevent squirting while reinstalling a new cartridge.

Check For Leaks;

If you see any sort of leakage in the faucet base, there must be some seals inside. It can be replaced easily.

You can remove your Moen faucet from the base just by pulling it. However, the removal process can differ based on the models

Make sure to inspect the seals for any damage and replace them if needed.


Moen Faucet Tool Kit;

The kit that comes with the Moen faucet, will have new fasteners, spacers, and a cartridge. These will help you to replace the cartridge.

Install A New Cartridge;

Now install the new cartridge by putting it into place. You will see the lubricant is already applied to the cartridge. So it would slide into the cavity easily.

Prevent Squirting of Water;

To prevent any sort of squirting, cup your hand around the outside. After installing the plastic socket, rotate it into the right position. And make sure the plastic tabs are exposed in the notches of the casing. Then reinstall the C-clip and the metal washer.

Don’t Tighten Too Hard;

Make sure you have snapped the plastic washer into place on the other side of the plastic retaining nut. Also, remember not to tighten it up too hard as the nut can crack time due to a plastic texture.

Insert The Plastic Stopper And Tab;

Next, insert the white plastic stopper into place. You will find an elevated tab there which needs to be facing the front of the faucet.

Now snap the new black plastic mounting tab onto the metal bracket. Which holds on the metal handle. And then install the Phillips fastener.

Screw Up The Plastic Sleeve And Chrome Sleeve;

Pull the metal bracket upwards and insert the screw on the black plastic sleeve. Then tighten the chrome sleeve. As it can clip on, ensure to tighten the sleeve firmly.

Install The Fastener;

Put the faucet handle into place and install the fastener. The new fastener will come with thread sealant pre-applied.

Place the hold and cold indicator in place and snap down the chrome cap. Lastly, check for leaks by turning the tap on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Take Apart A Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet?

Firstly, you need to turn off the water and disconnect the water supply lines and faucet connections. With the help of the tools, remove your faucet, and take your new faucet.

Now, anchor the single-handle faucets, and hot and cold water valves. Then connect the water supply lines and install the sprayer. Lastly, turn on the water and flush the lines.

How To Remove A Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet?

You can remove a Moen single-handle kitchen faucet just by loosening the screws of its handle’s back. You can use a 3/32″ hex wrench for it.

After removing the handle, turn the sprout collar counterclockwise to unscrew it. Again, lift the sprout and rotate it. And you are done.

How To Remove A Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Without Visible Screws?

It’s easy to tighten up the screws by holding the faucet in place when the screws are visible. But when the screws are not visible, it means they are under the cap.

You can remove it with a flathead screwdriver. A small knife can also get the work done.

How To Fix Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle?

To fix a Moen kitchen faucet handle, put the handle downward first. Then pop out the cap put the Allen through the back of the handle and tighten it up. Next, pull the handle off and leave the screw inside.

If possible, get a zip tie cable and stick it between the base. Then put the handle, tighten it up, and test the full range of motion of your faucet.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above concept was clear enough to you. Yet, if you think a brief discussion can clear you more, here we go. Insert your Allen wrench into your Moen faucet’s screw and turn it counterclockwise.

If there is any panel above the screw, take the panel out with a flathead screwdriver. And we know, faucets are hand-tight. So you can easily grip your faucet and turn it to remove it. Afterward, the faucet will lift and get exposed.

Don’t you think the step is far easier to do by yourself? Then why call a plumber and waste your money? Just keep following the steps mentioned above and see the amazing results. This is all.

Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.

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