Where To Put Faucet On 60 40 Sink?

Many people believe that a 60/40 sink increases overall productivity in the kitchen. Due to its specific design, this kind of sink can offer you some added advantages. Needless to say, there are some disadvantages of a 60/40 sink as well. But, the main question is where to put the faucet On the 60 40 Sink.

In a 60/40 sink, the entire sink is divided into two unequal compartments. However, the placement of the faucet in this type of sink depends on many factors. The best practice is to place it behind the dividers of the sink.

There are particular reasons for doing that. In this article, I will discuss where a 60/40 sink faucet should go. Want to know more? Read on!

What Is A 60/40 Sink?

In a 60/40 sink, the entire basin is divided into two different compartments. The dimensions of the compartments are not equal.  As the name suggests one compartment has 60% area, whereas another compartment is built with the rest of the 40% area of the total basin.

These two compartments can be used to serve different purposes at the same time. This type of sink has become quite popular these days. `

What Are The Main Purposes of a 60/40 Sink?

Where To Put Faucet On 60 40 Sink

To be honest, there are several types of sinks you may find in the market for your kitchen. Each type of sink comes with its pros and cons. So, you must choose a new kitchen sink according to your needs. It should serve the purpose well.

When it comes to a 60/40 sink, it is a modern one. Many people are installing this kind of sink in their kitchens these days. You will get a couple of benefits from a 60/40 sink. For example, there will be two compartments- one larger and one smaller compartment. So, you can use one basin or compartment for rinsing and cleaning up purposes.

On the other hand, in the smaller basin, you will be able to prepare your food. Both of the tasks can be done simultaneously using both of the basins. Suppose, you have chicken in your freezer. So, in the smaller basin, you can keep the chicken for preparation purposes. On the contrary, the larger basins can be used for cleaning up your dishes.

Where To Put Faucet On 60 40 Sink?

If you are planning to get a new 60/40 sink for your kitchen, confusion may arise in most cases. Where you should install the faucet in this kind of kitchen sink? Of course, the question is logical. Because the position of the faucet determines how user-friendly a kitchen sink is. That is why you should faucet in the most appropriate spot.

Now, some factors play a role in determining the best spot. For example, you should consider the position of the sink in the kitchen. You should also consider whether your kitchen has a window or not. If yes, what is the position of the window? After considering every factor, you will be able to decide upon the right spots.

However, the wise decision would be you put the faucet on the backside of the divider line of a 60/40 sink. By doing so, the faucet will get the maximum coverage in both of the basins. That said, still, you can still slightly change the location of the faucet based on your situation.

What Are The Situations for Offset Faucet Placement In A 60/40 Sink?

Although the standard position for a faucet in the 60/40 sink is almost centered behind the sink, there are some situations when you may need to go for an offset faucet placement. If the sink is installed in a tight space, you may not get an adequate area in the backsplash.

In that case, you may need to install the faucet in an offset place instead of the standard spot. When you talk about a 60/40 sink, it can be designed in different shapes and sizes. So, you may not feel comfortable when you install the faucet in the standard position.

Besides, some people want to put the faucet on the side, instead of the middle. It is installed to get easy accessibility. But, for a 60/40 sink, the faucet should not be installed in the side area.

Because in that case, you may not be able to access one basin completely. That said, in my opinion, if you have a 60/40 sink, you should always try to put the faucet in the standard position. It means it should be on the back side of the separator line of two basins for a better user experience.

How High Should The Faucet Be Above The Sink?

Needless to say, it is an important consideration. If you have a 60/40 sink, how high should the faucet be above the sink? This should be considered carefully as your goal is to make sure that the faucet reaches both of the basins without any hassle. In a general sense, it should be 3-6 inches high from the sink.

However, this measurement can be changed if you are using a pull-out or pull-down faucet. As you know, in the case of pull-out or pull-down faucets, you must have enough space between the faucet and the sink. So, in that case, the faucet should be installed in an enough higher position from above the sink.

Wrapping Up!

If some conditions are met, you can put the faucet in any spot of the double basin sink. But, make sure that you can easily operate the faucet. You should be able to swivel the spout without any problem.

You should be able to get the continuous water supply from the faucet. But, where to put the faucet on 60 40 sinks? In my opinion, you should place it on the back side of the divider line of the two basins. It will offer you better accessibility to the faucet from both of the basins.

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