WNATN Outdoor Faucet Cover In 2024

The WNATN Faucet Cover is one of the best faucet covers available in the market. Whether it’s about protecting the faucet from blowouts, bursting, or freezing, this product is always there to serve.

Those who are thinking of keeping their faucet protected throughout the year, not only in winter, must go for the WNATN faucet cover. And you can stay tension-free about its quality. It’s because, this cover holds effective materials, design, and size.

This article will tell you about the WNATN faucet cover more precisely. Let’s not make any further delay and get to the topic now.

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WNATN Outdoor Faucet Cover (Reviews)

WNATN Outdoor Faucet Cover

An outdoor faucet is exposed to lots of things, so it will be easy for it to get a freezer or face harsh conditions of the weather.

In that case, nothing can be a good substitute than a faucet cover to keep the outdoor faucet protected. After browsing some faucet covers, we found that the WNATN Faucet Cover can be a good pick. Let’s go through its features.

Perfect Size:

The Outdoor Faucet Cover comes with a size of 28 inches x 15 inches which is perfect for many standard faucets.

If you see, other faucet covers are one inch or two inches smaller than this size. So, you can be assured of covering every nook and corner of your spigot with this faucet cover.


The heavyweight polyester pongee waterproof fabric in this faucet cover will give you long-lasting and easy use. And because of the durability, you can use this cover season after season.

It will make your cleaning process simple and give a satisfactory wrap. Since the cotton here is insulated, the cover can protect your spigot in both hot and cold seasons.

Not only the insulation but also the waterproof feature of the Outdoor Faucet Cover can protect your faucet from wind, snow, frost, rain, etc.


As said above, this outdoor faucet cover is waterproof and long-lasting, so you can get excellent protection from it. Whether it’s the faucet or the irrigation system, WNATN’s cover will protect them from a blowout, bursting, freezing, etc.

Thus, you won’t have to bother on spending valve replacement and repairs.


Because of the Velcro straps in this faucet cover, you will get the facility to use it easily and safely. And we know Velcro straps are good in strength and require low maintenance.

Moreover, these straps will hardly wear out and not lose their elasticity.

The extended size of the cover allows a snug fit to the spigot. So, you have to keep in mind to attach the straps with glue. Thus, the rainwater can’t enter the cover easily.

Usable In All Seasons:

Whether it is winter, summer, spring, or fall, this faucet cover is always there to protect your faucet metal every time.

In winter, it is needed for protecting the faucet from freezing. But in summer you can use it to protect the faucet from the sun’s glare.


PVC pipes or other pipes that are more exposed require a bit longer cover. Such cover also requires thick insulation which is inevitable to get from this product.

The WNATN will indeed give protection to your faucet in every season, but it will give extra protection during the winter season.

Buying Guide

A wise consumer will always go through the buying guide before purchasing an outdoor faucet cover. If you want your acquisition to be the best, don’t forget to keep an eye below:

Faucet Cover Types:

There are two types of faucet covers available in the market. They are- hard covers and soft covers. Hard faucet covers usually have a plastic coating with styrofoam.

They are easy to install and excellent at providing protection. This type of cover can cost you from $2 to $10, based on the thickness.

Another type of faucet cover you will get is the soft faucet cover. They are made of polyester or vinyl. You can easily set up a soft faucet cover and fasten it. One advantage you can get from it is the ability to squish and bent.


Most of the cover materials come with plastic or hardened steel. Well, the plastics that are flexible and durable, are the best ones since they can extend toward the spigot without any snap.

On the other hand, the treated steel materials are strong enough, but not so flexible. However, a cover made of treated steel costs less which is a good option in terms of a limited budget.


The design of your fixture’s cover is not something to be avoided. All models have varying styles. If you see, most faucet covers come in a design of socks or are secured with Velcro straps or lash. But what type of design you will need to opt for, depends on the size and style of your spigot tap.


A good brand indicates the quality of a product. If you purchase your faucet cover from a renowned brand like WNATN, you can be assured of getting a fine-quality faucet cover from it. Also, it will give you a guarantee of longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Faucet Covers In Hot Weather?

The task of a faucet cover is not only to keep the faucet safe from freezing but also from insects, pests, rodents, etc. So, there is nothing like you can use this cover only in winter.

If you want you can use the cover in warm weather too, maybe throughout the year.

Can I Use A Freeze-Proof Outdoor Faucet?

A Freeze proof water faucet is a good alternative to eliminate the problem of broken or frozen pipes. Well, this faucet has a compression valve at its supply lines’ end.

Also, these faucets’ tubes extend up to 24 inches and do their best in protecting against the freezing problem in winter.

What Is The Correct Time To Cover The Outdoor Faucets?

All users should cover their faucets before the temperature of the faucets goes down. The best to cover is not too early and not too late.

However, you can also do this task in late autumn since this season is not so cold, but almost cold. Remember to keep the cover clean, dry, and well-maintained so that it can be used again and again.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above article could give you a prescribed concept about this Faucet Cover.

As we have already said, this faucet cover is usable throughout the year, hot, cold, spring, and autumn.  Its main task is not only to keep the faucet protected from freezing but also from insects and pests.

One best thing this product will offer is the warning function. This comes from the strongly reflected light ray that will alert everyone before they are bumped by the faucet accidentally.

If you want to save money without doing any expensive repairs or maintenance, the faucet cover is all that you need. So this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.

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